920 Urethane Marine Sealant/Adhesive
Has extended open time to provide up to 6 hours of repositionability. It provides excellent weatherability and strong, flexible bonds above or below the waterline. 920 bonds to most boat building materials including teak, aluminum, and fiberglass and most plastics. It is ideal for sealing hatches, windows, doors, cleats, and windshields.

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920 Fast Set Urethane
Is faster curing than 920 Urethane. This fast setting formula dries tack free in 90 minutes and delivers extremely tough bonds. It offers tenacious adhesion to wood, fiberglass, FRP, most plastics, aluminum and metal.
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Bostik Marine 940A - Sausage
Is a slower skin (30 to 45 minutes) version of 940 Fast Set (15 to 20 minutes). resistant (non-yellowing), sandable and paintable. It combines the adhesion/mechanical properties of a urethane, plus the flexibility and UV resistance of a silicone.
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Bostik Marine 940FS - Fast Set
940 FSA is a high performance, rapid moisture-curing, fast skinning, one-component, sealant/adhesive based upon Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) Technology; specially formulated to withstand harsh marine environments. Possess UV resistance, is sandable and paintable. Exhibits superior adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces in most applications without the use of a primer. Maintains elasticity within temperature ranges of -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C).  
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